Summer Beauty

Summer Beauty
Onion Tops in Seattle

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Man, this business never ceases to amaze me

So after my last entry, I get a call from the people that had me convinced I was no longer employable, offering me a job. Go figure. So now we go through the dance to determine if this really makes sense for us to do. On the up side, it is nice to know I have options. On the downside, I hate changing jobs. I am really just in the mood to do nothing for a while. Wish I could afford that. Maybe next lifetime.

So Seattle continues to be a high-tech, start-up hot bed. The number of people I know leaving the old brick and mortal companies for start-ups is on the rise again. I just hope that not so many completely crash and burn this time around. I personally love start-ups. I love the lure of the big payoff. I love being everything that has to do with Recruiting and then some. It is really awesome. I love that kind of passion for my work. I just hope that I can find it again myself soon.

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