Summer Beauty

Summer Beauty
Onion Tops in Seattle

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am still trying to figure out if this blogging thing is really worth the amount of time it takes to do (I guess it takes about 10 minutes, so who cares, right?) I keep thinking that it will be, but so far no evidence of that. I suppose if I were writing about something useful or interesting, somebody else might want to read it :)

I am winding down things at my old job. Feels weird really. I feel sad for leaving it all behind after having worked so hard to create it. But then again, it was depressing watching it all fall apart before my eyes and fighting every bit of it along the way. Now, at least, I can leave while it is somewhat in tact and feel like I did what I needed to do for me.

I am very nervous about life on the other side. Worried that I really am not qualified for the new job like I thought in my interview. Worried that the new job will be too demanding on me and impact my family again. Worried that my new boss is as scary as I suspect she is - not to metion that people are coming out of the woodwork to confirm this! And lastly, worried that it will all be one huge mistake and I will have to start my search over again. But that is all part of life's big gamble - win some and lose some. Time will tell.

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